02 June 2005

You're Invited!

'Tis the season for parties and gift giving. It seems like every weekend, someone is getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, anniversay or birthday. Late spring and summer downright embarrass December in the present obligation department.

Fortunately, the brides, parents-to-be and even the old couples who no longer speak to each other are considerate enough to register someplace. They take all the guesswork (and creativity and thoughtfulness) out of the whole gift giving extravaganza. Most party invitations will even direct you to the store(s) of the recipient's choice. How handy!

I'm really good about sending gifts. I shop at Target, Babies R Us and Williams Sonoma. I'll go to the brick and mortar or online. I dial 1 800 FLOWERS. Hell, I even had one gift sent directly from NYC in a Robin's egg blue Tiffany's box. I've wrapped them by hand and paid big money to have it "professionally" done.

I love sending gifts. Why? Because attached to said present is a small card. On it I extend my sincerest regrets that I didn't/can't/won't make the party.

Small price to pay, in my honest opinion.