22 June 2006

Baritone Tonight

I'm currently rehearsing for a Broadway musical review. The voices that have been cast in this show are amazing. Strong singers, all. I've got to be in top form just to keep from embarrassing myself.

With a full music, singing rehearsal tonight, yours truly slept about three hours last night and then spent the entire day in smoky bars, drinking caffeinated beverages. In retrospect, perhaps Janis Joplin wasn't the best choice of warm-up music on the drive to the theatre, either.

I alternated between croaking and screeching, then gave up altogether and just mouthed the lyrics. It took all of about two minutes to be busted by the muscial director for pulling a Milli Vanilli.

Maybe I could do a piece from the Wizard of Oz? "If I Only Had a Brain" seems applicable.