18 June 2005

Snide and Prejudice

Education snobs. I despise them. Their elitist, better-than-everybody-else attitude makes me want to vomit on their multiple degrees and GPAs. Years ago, while working in a special education school, I witnesed the following story.

The Director of Education (aka Principal) was assigned a supervisor with lesser education than she. The supervisor did have extensive experience in the residential treatment field and was hired because of his far-reaching contacts in the industry. On the day of the announcement, Principal High N. Mighty stormed past me in the hall and demanded, of no one in particular, "How can they do this? I can't believe I have to report to someone with a Bachelor's degree!"

Recently, a D.W. (Degree Whore) asked what the minimum education requirements were to apply for a job at the cafe. I was appalled. First of all, none of your business unless you need some extra money and are inquiring on your own behalf. Second, the answer is none.

Does that Master's, PhD, GED or BA guarantee honesty? What about dependability? Are scholars more considerate of their fellow man? Are they better citizens of the world than the man or woman who cleans hotel rooms, farms the land or makes sandwiches for a living?

The Scarecrow had brains. He was intelligent, kind and creative. He was a loyal friend. And even after he received his diploma from the Wizard, he was far happier for his companions' achievements than for himself.

Let's all be a little more Scarecrow, shall we?