06 August 2006

Hooked on You

Sleep is elusive these past few weeks and I find myself in the wee hours of the morning punching ridiculous phrases into Google, just to see what pops up. A couple of those I'll cop to include "midgets on bicycles" and "hats made from household materials." Disgusting and pathetic, I know.

Skipping around a bit here..

There is an employee at the cafe, we'll call him "Hal." Hal likes to set his paws on this here computer-any opportunity he gets. On the job, off the job, folks waiting in line, they matter not as Hal needs him some Wi-Fi. As is evidenced by the address toolbar, he frequents My Space, Livejournal and the unknown-to-me, Xanga. Hal is also a frequent You Tube visitor.

Having run out of creatively offensive and potentially embarrassing things to search for, I caved in and paid a visit to You Tube while the rest of you were sleeping soundly.

Oh. My. Heavens.

I laughed and cried. It was better than Cats! Watching a three minute short about the infamous Zidane headbutt was a far superior 4AM experience to learning to make a baseball cap from a plastic milk jug.

It's okay. Hal's bigger than me, but I'm pretty sure I could take him, especially for some You Tube time.