25 October 2005

Speaking of Rip-Offs...

Please note the new link to your right. It touts The St. Louis Community Cafe News. Please bookmark that site and visit it often.

I was inspired to begin a work-related blog by the fine folks over at 52nd City. (Note and visit their link, please.) The slight differences between the two blogs being as follows:

1. 52nd City is written by hipsters while I merely have generous hips.

2. 52nd City addresses what's hot and happening around the metro St. Louis area whereas the ComCaf News will address how flippin' hot it is in the kitchens.

3. 52nd City will ultimately become THE publication to read in St. Louis but the best I can realistically hope for would be that maybe my mom will check the ComCaf blog on a monthly basis. (If I send her reminders.)

4. 52nd City is produced by well-known, published writers and artists. My literary 15 minutes of fame took place in Ms. Klepper's fourth grade class when I received a 100% on my book report of A Candle in the Mist by Florence Crannell Means.

Other than that, they're alot alike.