10 September 2005

Remember Amityville Horror?

I've been a princess, a ghost and a football player, among countless others. My Halloween costumes were always homemade and came from the crap in someone's closet. If I was particularly planful my mom and I would traipse to the Goodwill for costume ideas and components.

While discussing Halloween costumes with the girls the other day, my youngest informed me that this year, she wants to be "a slut." Sweet Mother Of Gawd, my head whipped around so fast I thought I'd need a personal injury attorney. Yup, she confirmed her first statement. "I want to be a slut."

After much sputtering (on my part), graphic explaining (also me) and pursuant embarrassment (that was her bit), we managed to rule out the mini-skirt, tube top and high heels as a costume choice. I countered with the idea of being a nun. Not just for Halloween, mind you.