31 July 2005

Good Times, Good Times

Due to the recent, alarming increase in customer service complaint calls and emails I've received about one of the cafe locations, we'll be hiring several positions immediately. I'll be cleaning house as soon as we get promising candidates on board.

Rather than list necessary qualifications, I'd rather go into who need not apply. (Long haired freaky people are okay.)

1. If you have an out of area phone number. You're out.
2. Band members. Your "gigs" come first, I understand. No.
3. Anyone leaving for school at the end of August. You must be joking.
4. People looking to start in mid-September. Then only on Tuesday mornings and on
Sunday between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM.
5. Organizational nuts, whiners, blamers, flakes, crackheads and drifters.

Perhaps you know someone looking for a solid, fun job. Perhaps that person has vowed to never again wear a tie and/or pantyhose. Please give them my address at shannon@hartfordcoffeecompany.com.

Tower Grove South thanks you, as do I.