18 October 2006

Jubilation, Appreciation and Promises

For those readers who may have lost track of the time the kids and I have been alternately couch surfing, homeless, housesitting and living above the cafe, it's been a little over three months. Three months of renovation, screw ups and transient, Bohemian living. This Saturday, it is ovah.

I tried to tease the news to my youngest daughter. "Did you hear about the big excitement?" I asked her. ""Oh my god," she gasped. "You're adopting another kid!" Funny how that thought entered her little stream of consciousness before the possesion of an occupancy permit did.

Thanks to those who let us use their laundry facilities, sleep in their guest rooms, fed us home cooked meals and otherwise let us impose on their lives while we were in transition. Special shout outs (shouts out?) go to my partner and all around road-dog, James and his wife, the lovely and gracious Dr. Stephanie Strand. They generously took in daughter two and provided not only shelter, but family to a kid who wasn't doing well with suitcase living. I will be forever grateful to them. Also, thanks to my mom and dad for their mutli-faceted support and encouragement. Y'all may think you have good parents but none could hold a candle to Mr. and Mrs. McGinn. My older daughter roughed it with me, slept on floors and kept her shower stuff in a contantly mobile tote. Her humor and resiliency are astounding and I don't know how she got to be so cool without me ever noticing. My main man, Carlos, spent more than a few late nights cutting tile and teaching me how to grout. He also kept a watchful eye on the sometimes disreputable individuals doing work on the place.

With this chapter of my life coming to a close, you'll see a return to regular posting here and at 52nd City. Be on the watch for these stories:

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Thanks for hanging in there, folks. I'm back!