31 August 2006

Little Mike Gives Advice

I overheard this lecture being given to a thirty-five year old man by a ten year old boy:

You gotta find a good woman. Here's the things you gotta have. You can't have a fat woman because, when she cooks, she'll eat all the food and not leave any for you. And you can't have a woman who wears much jewelry 'cause she'll just want you to buy her more and more jewelry. She has to have a job, for sure. And here's the important one-she can't love you for your money. She has to love you for the person you are.

I asked the kid, "What if he doesn't have any money? Then do you know she just loves the man?"

All men have money. Except for poor men.

"Dude, did you make this up or someone schooled you?" I pressed him.

I just thought it myself, right now. Nobody told me.

He was serious like a heart attack.

Not sure why I found the whole exhange so remarkable and I wonder what happened in the lad's young life. His assertations smacked of a kid who's parents had a nasty split and, while neither mom nor dad would openly disparage the other, the hurts were communicated, if not directly to-then around the kid, in the form of random musings. Somewhere, someone done somebody wrong in Little Mike's life and he, being an observant and sensitive boy absorbed it, processed it and regurgutated it in the form of relationship advice for a grown man.

Either that or he's just a dope-ass kid with mad, crazy smarts.

I can't wait to hear more wisdom from the fourth grade. Will keep you posted.