11 December 2009

Oh the Times, They Are A'Changing

You may look back a few entries to the one where I proudly proclaim, "I'm back!" Feel free to taunt me with an approriate "Liar, liar. Pants on fire." I deserve it.

But the masses have spoken and demanded my return for real this time. (Thanks, Mom!) So, here is my pre-posting update so y'all can catch up, get hip and just dig it.

Harford Coffee was sold and my close friend gave me a gig leasing residential property. This is an excellent job for me because I do not have to wear pantyhose or any variety of uniform provided by Cintas. It's also a great situation because I get to interact with all walks of life and generally clown all day and get paid to do it.

Chopper is 18 and going to college. She could easily be America's Next Top Model only her snark is much more understated than those rookies that Tyra is coaching. For my old HCC pals, you've seen Michaela around town a million times and probably wondered how a young woman with so much sophistication landed in St. Louis.

Val is an outstanding student, a cheerleader, a competitive diver and a careful driver. Alas, she hasn't dragged home any young man who deserves her company yet. I have threatened a few with my Louisville Slugger and a shovel. No, I've threatened ALL of them with the slugger/shovel combo. It's my obligation as her mother to mortify her.

When I'm bored and starved for attention I still perform in community theatre. You know, so I can clown and NOT get paid for it. Volunteer clowning for the amusement of the people. I am also trying to wiggle my way onto the Marine Villa Neighborhood Association board because I feel a call to get my 'hood working together toward a greater good and I'm pretty sure I'm just the man for the job.

Some things are different and some are just the same. But, nothing is as certain as change.

Stay tuned for some stories, some giggles and some social commentary provided by yours truly.