26 November 2005

Green With Envy

I always think there's enough time. For this reason, I tend to leave things to the last minute and procrasinate. What can I say? It just always seems to work out okay for me.

But this time, my luck has apparently run out.

Months ago, I promised the girls that we'd see Wicked at the Fox while it was in town. They can sing every song from the cast recording and the older one has read the book (with my editing, of course) several times. It is a realtively long run and I felt no need to wait on the phone, in line or online to procure tickets. Soon after opening, I heard little whispers here and there about the show being totally sold out. I dismissed those rumors with the rationalization that the whole affair was to build hype and, in fact, there were probably ample tickes remaining.

Very quitely, the girls suggested all along that "Today might be a good day to go to the box office" and "I'll wait on hold with Metrotix if you don't want to." Smart little things...

Well, after trying all morning, I'm here to announce that there are no tickets remaining to see Wicked at the Fox in St. Louis. Not on craigslist, not on eBay and not through Metrotix, not for any performance. Not even if one of us sits in orchestra, one sits in the upper balcony and one waits in the ladies room.

To make me feel even more like a disappointment, they've been gracious and understanding about my failure. Certainly, I'd feel better with a little fit-throwing or sulking but no, they are both so nice about it.

Thanks girls, for being really great kids.