06 December 2005

Short List

My future friend and current idol, Julia Smillie posed a question on her forum recently. "What do you really want for Christmas?" I paraphrase, of course.

I thought about this for a long time. And this is where I arrived...

A few years ago I gutted my bathroom. It was 1970's disgusting and had a bathtub lacking slanting sides. So, if a person were to want to recline in the bath, she would have her head resting at a 180 angle. Not really resting then, is it? Out went the grotty old tub and in came a shiny new Jacuzzi whirlpool with built in heater and directional jets. It was magnificent. Funny enough, it's still quite magnificent because I rarely get to use it and I can never enjoy it properly.

That's what I'd like for Christmas. I'd like two hours alone. And by alone I mean the kids and the dogs gone or sedated, the telephones turned off and the doors locked. I want the water heater cranked up to high, matches easily accessible and my soaps, lotions and powders unmoved. I want a stack of People magazines and Norah Jones crooning on the CD player. If the stars were so aligned, I would also prefer a brand new (but washed) bath sheet. For the final touch, a frosty Diet Coke over store-bought, crushed iced in a plastic cup. Okay...now I've gone too far.

While I dream, I'll continue taking Speedy Gonzales showers faster than you can whistle Jingle Bells.