13 December 2005

Leave of Absence- Blogstyle

I've used my powers to shut down the Community Cafes blog. Perhaps, if there is a significant outcry from the readers, I'll fire up another one specifically for Hartford Coffee at a later date. A blog without comments.

I debated this decision all afternoon. Do I keep the business blog and just edit the comments? Do I want people to have a means of communication? The answers are no and yes, respectively.

If people have comments, suggestions or complaints, I still want to hear them. My email address is posted behind the register at Hartford. For the record, my email is shannon@hartfordcoffeecompany.com. My telephone number is 314.771.5282. I am (and have been) at Hartford Coffee Monday through Friday, usually in the morning and early afternoon. I return all customer phone calls.

I am easy to reach and dare I say, easy to talk to. I am not anonymous. And I will no longer accept "anonymous" criticism.