16 January 2006

A Connoisseur of Sorts

I offer you my confession...

For 10 years I've been a parent on the sidelines with very few options in the concession stand department as a non hot dog eater. The theme continues in many eating establishments where the menus have 26 different kinds of burger but almost nada in the meatless division. At this stage of the game, I'll order the nachos just for the sake of comparing the dish to representations from other restaurants.

And may I say that nachos aren't just for dining away from home! No sirree, I make 'em at home with freshly shredded cheddar and hand chopped cilantro. At the grocery store I sift through the junk food section for the gold tortilla chips-restaurant style of course, as they have a corn-like flavor and extra crunchy texture. The ultimate in home nacho eating is to locate a tortilla chip with an air pocket, puffing out the triangle into a crispy pillow.

As a former BUILD-St. Louis board member and co-proprietor of a small, family owned business, I'm embarrassed to say that the premier nachos come from Qdoba. (Yes, from the Jack In The Box chain.) It could be because of the coarse salt on the chips, or the guacamole with actual chunks of identifiable avocado in it. Perhaps the allure is in the perfect amount of jalapeno in the queso sauce. I don't know, but damn it, those are some way bueno nachos.

I make this statement in my defense: If I had to choose between eating food from Jack In The Box and chewing on an old pair of corduroys- well, I'd have to give it some serious thought. And should the success of the human race rely on my intimate relations with the guy who puts the gigantic golf ball on his head and pretends to be Jack, I'd most likely take a pass.

If it were the the REAL Jack I'd consider it, but only if he brought Qdoba nachos.