05 January 2006

Who Is Sarah Truckey and Why Does She Hate Me?

It may surprise some of you, but I'm socially impaired. On the rare occasion I attend a party or event, I'm generally uncomfortable enough to plan my departure immmediately upon entry. But, I try.

Last weekend, I struck out to the 52nd City launch and preview party at the Gallery Urbis Orbis with my older daughter. She'd written an article for the magazine and was anxious to attend and of course, I always like to support the fine folks at 52nd City.

Photos cause a lot of anxiety for me but when the esteemed Tom Lampe asked to take a shot of us, I agreed. With some lightning quick angling of the body and a moment to suck in my cheeks-we were off to the races. I didn't hyperventilate or anything and felt fairly confident the picture would embarrass me minimally, should I ever see it.

Imagine my surpise when someone splayed out a copy of a local publication with photos from the event. There was a predictably cute shot of Amanda Doyle, Aaron Belz looking hip, Thomas Crone in a fun pose, Brian Marston in a classic profile shot and some fat broad with dark eye circles and a harried expression. Me, in all my party-going glory with bad hair and an infinity of chins. It was not the aforementioned posed photo, but one taken secretly, clandestinely and with obvious malice.

My original resolutions for 2006 were to be more peaceful and turn off my cell phone after 7:00 PM. Those goals have been replaced by a solemn vow to never leave the house unless absolutely necessary and to find a way to loathe myself slightly less than I do right now.

Happy New Year.