26 February 2006

Brain Waster

So there I was, at home, alone with almost two hours to kill. Hmmmm...my mind raced frantically as I mentally tallied all the things I could do with the whole house to myself. Crank up the CD player and dance, take an uninterrupted bath, nap (oh, the glorious and coveted nap!) or make spaghetti from scratch? I was manic and decided the best first course of action was to put on some really comfortable clothes. On the way to the laundry room it happened.

At first, the remote control just sort of..well, I thought it winked at me. "pssst. hey you." it whispered. I stopped where I stood and suddenly noticed its sleek lines and alluring buttons as if seeing it for the very first time. My eyes trailed along the couch and up to the mother station-all 52 inches of high definition clarity with two hundred and some channels. The Sony sucked me in completely and it only took about ten minutes to figure out which dots controlled the power, volume and channel direction. Game on! Here's what I watched.

Cher's daughter is really plus sized and on a show about celebrities trying to lose weight. (Kenickie, from Grease, was on as well and had apparently gotten himself into more than a few extra Snickers bars because he was pretty obviously high.)

HGTV made an pathetic effort to redo the bedroom of a grown woman who wanted everything purple, pink and sparkly. Do people have no shame?

I didn't know any of the songs on MTV, MTV Jams or MTV Espanol but I did recognize the dude from Whitesnake on MTV Classic.

Total Recall and Coming To America were the movies I flipped between. Who is the worse actor, Arnold or Eddie? You make the call.

An afternoon well spent as now I know what I'm missing and it isn't much. I'll just stick with my American Idol obsession, thanksverymuch, and stick to DVDs and books otherwise.