22 February 2006

Met My Match

Sometimes I'm such a pompous ass that I even manage to offend myself.

I lead a charmed life. Things always work out for me, I usually get what I want and I think I'm the luckiest girl around. Stuff just goes my way-what can I say? For this reason, I think I can do anything.

A classic example would be the "spider pants." One summer I decided to make my own clothing. Never you mind that I could barely sew a button on a shirt or hem a pair of pants, I was going to trot right down to Jackman's fabrics and run up some duds on the Singer. For two weeks I was a tracing, cutting, pinning, fitting, sewing fool and you know what? I made some fine garments including a pair of batik drawstring pants with a design similar to spiders. Several persons not known to or paid by me asked where they could get pants like them.

After attending last weekend's fundraiser for SCOSAG known as Wall Ball, sure but didn't I feel the itching to be an artist? Off I went to the art supplies store for charcoal pencils, a sketchbook and a couple of canvases(canvesi?)and hunkered down to create art. I tried to sketch my McDonald's cup, my feet, the dogs, a hand, a road and a tree.

Terrible! Unrecognizable! Fire starters, all of them. Pick a kid, any kid in the 2nd grade at Blades elementary school and he or she could have done better. I'm not fit to clean Cbabi Bayoc's brushes or Charlie Houska's paint dribbled shoe.

I am humbled AND pissed.